Unforgettable snacks

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When we were little the after school snack was an event, maybe because some of the products that were born at that time for us, kids, made them unforgettable.

When I write, I give away mostly my age, yes, I'm from the EGB generation, probably the last generation that lives better than their parents, around 40 and with children so hungry at snack time that could even eat yourselves.

In our childhood the phobia of fats and sugar had not yet arrived, that explains those NOCILLA, chocolate or "fuagrás" sandwichs that we got nearly very day. The industrial bakery was not scary, simply because our parents could not buy us an industrial roll every day. What is certain is that that pastry had an identity, it made us feel important, maybe that's why we did not eat it every day. I remember that day that my mother bought a "CIRCULO ROJO" package, just 4 units for the 4 siblings we were, I remember it because it did not happen often, it looked like a normal roll but you bit and the chocolate exploded inside. I do not know how much energy that would give you, but it lasted a week. The PHOSKITOS were more obvious, you already knew the trick, a roll with chocolate and cream, but my friends, they brought a tattoo, that took you to another level when your friends saw it. The PANTERA ROSA was more for intrepid with detective spirit people and the TIGRETON for those who wanted to eat the world. For those indifferents, a classic, the DONETTES, which in fact most of us continue to eat as adults. What can not be doubted is that those products generated a dose of nostalgia that remains imprinted in our memory, perhaps because they were like prizes for special days, perhaps because they remind us of moments with our brothers or our friends, the thing is that when we see them for some of us, the most sensitive, our eyes are filled with memories.


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