Spanish Easter

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Spain is a country strongly marked by its Catholic tradition. This makes Easter one of the most important dates on the Spanish calendar. Either because of their Catholic devotion or because of their devotion to food and drink.

The processions, although with religious content, have become the claim of multitudes, both religious and non-religious for their spectacularity and, why not say, their peculiarity. Cities such as Seville, Leon, Zamora or Valladolid propose a great variety of "pasos" and processions each with its particular style. In the case of Leon there is also a pagan procession, the Genarín burial, which recalls the adventures of a drunkard who was run over by a garbage truck.

Apart from the processions, Easter is a great time to try dishes and drinks that can only be found at this particular time: "torrijas", "pestiños" and lemonade are probably the greatest exponents of the highly typical dishes of Easter. The Christian tradition of abstaining from eating meat on Fridays of Lent has brought typical fish dishes, especially buñuelos (fried dough balls) and cod croquettes. Although it is also a good time to eat any type of fish and seafood: bonito del norte, octopus, mussels ...

And still talking about food, Easter usually brings good weather and as a result of that, the classic “Tinto de Verano”, beers, sangrías and typically Spanish drinks (Trina, and the most popular drink, Soda La Casera).

If I give you an advice, I am quite a more traditional person and there is no missing Easter in which I do not make a good stew to keep the cold out or a good paella to welcome spring. If you are in Spain, have a great time seeing processions and enjoying some tapas and if you are abroad enjoy Easter eating some good Spanish delicacies.


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