Spain, the healthiest country in the world

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According to the famous Bloomberg index, Spain is the healthiest country in the world (Healthiest Countries in the World).

Not the one who has better Health system but the healthiest. This means that in Spain deseases, on average, are fewer than in other countries.

From The Spanish Super we ask ourselves why and we have our theories:

  1. Our eating habits are the healthiest in the world. Starting with olive oil, the intake of tomatoes in different ways and vegetables in general. Also the amount of stews, hot pots and the widespread habit of cooking at home.
  2. The depression rates and other mental illnesses are lower than almost any other country. There are fewer jobs, lower wages than in the rest of Europe, we work many hours but still find time to spend with family and friends and that is crucial to reduce the rates of loneliness that multiply the chances of falling ill. Good weather and the beaches probably also help. Spain is also much more aware of the risks of alcohol than most countries in the first world and we are pioneers in beer and soft drinks.

From The Spanish Super we echo this news because we firmly believe that Spaniards who live abroad can keep part of our essence either with products purchased in local markets (such as fruit and vegetables) or with the help of shops like ours. It allows you to continue making those delicious rices and paellas and all kinds of stews and hot pots besides being able to drink your beer and free-alcohol “tinto de verano”, very difficult to find in northern European countries.

In this article we have included a series of links that will help you find some of the products we talk about which can help you to remain part of the healthiest country in the world, although you are living in one that is not so much.



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