"Pastas Gallo": The Spanish Pasta

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If we look at what is the basis of the world's diet, rice, potatoes, corn, and without any doubt pasta will probably spring to mind.

When you speak of pasta in an international environment we all tend to think that the pasta is Italian. As in many other things, the Italians only observed and copied. The first known pasta sample was rescued in a 4000 years old deposit in China. Having said that and assuming that the world pasta leaders are the Italians with permission from Chinese and Asians in general, I am at least curious to know how a Spanish company, Pastas Gallo, came to dominate the Spanish market in such a way.

Spain is a country of wheat, there is no doubt about that, and the pasta is made with wheat, so the idea was not hard. The pioneer, however, was a Catalan entrepreneur, José Espona, who founded the basis of what Gallo pasta is today and at the same time he convinced to a good group of farmers of starting to grow durum wheat, the base of the pasta. All this happened back in 1946. The process was not easy and he devoted a good part of his life, mediating a trip to Italy in 1960 that probably gave him all the keys to be what Gallo is today. Starting with flours and going to pasta when no one ate pasta in Spain, Pastas Gallo became the reference brand in Spain. You know that I am a nostalgic person, I can not hide it, when I see the pasta Gallo logo I remember all the soups, macaroni with tomato, spaghetti and fideúa that I ate as a child, I remember soups of letters (letter-shape pasta) and the rain-shape pasta soup and the Cocido soup, which has produced more than a Stendhal syndrome in a Spanish manner. I remember watching TV and getting the smell of freshly made soup. If I'm honest, I do not know how many of those pastas were Gallo, what I do know is that when it comes to thinking about a brand of pasta and a Spanish soup, Gallo certainly takes the cake.

Pastas Gallo


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