Happy birthday The Spanish Super!

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A year goes by pretty fast. A year ago at this time we were doing some last minute selection of products, images, logos. The whole team of The Spanish Super was eager to open the trap, open our website to the millions of Spaniards living in Europe and also to those who are not Spaniards but who love our products.

It would have been impossible to predict what was going to happen, hundreds of customers, dozens of orders per month, fortnight newsletters, thousands of sunflower seeds sold, hundreds of fried tomato sauce, dozens of Cacaolats, Cola Caos, cocido (stew) broth, paella seasoning, biscuits, gulas, 0.0 alcohol apple beer, phoskitos, huesitos, tigretones, fabada, olive oil, nougat, polvorones, chorizo, horchata (tiger nut drink) and so on up to nearly 300 types of genuinely Spanish products that have flown to the far-off corners of what we used to call the European Economic Community.


We close our eyes and imagine meals and dinners that have been organized with our products, probably hundreds or even thousands. People who have enjoyed them, the countries we have reached, from Lithuania to Ireland, from Portugal to Denmark, all over the European Union. We think of people who have used our products to ask for their partner's hand in marriage (real life story, by the way), to make a  birthday gift, a  Three Kings gift to their children. We think of children, children of immigrants, born thousands of miles from home, who have tried for the first time Cola Cao or Nocilla or Sobaos thanks to The Spanish Super. And also of all those English, Irish, Lithuanian, Danish ... that because of a Spanish friend have discovered the Cacaolat, or the Campurrianas or a simple Gallo noodles soup and Gallina Blanca broth. It sounds trivial and even banal but it is not, even though The Spanish Super was born with nostalgic vocation, we never thought that it would go so far in such a short time.


Happy birthday The Spanish Super and thanks to all of you for making it possible !!!


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