Europe loves Spain

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Spain received more than 80 million tourists in 2018. From them, between 65 and 70 millions came from the European Union, special mention should be made of the case of the United Kingdom, from where over 18 millions arrived or France and Germany that exceeded 11 millions each. It is not surprising that in recent years Spanish words like Tapas, Tinto de Verano, Sangría or chorizo have been ​​absolutely assimilated in the vocabulary of our European neighbours.

Europeans not only go to Spain a lot, a whole lot, but they integrate very well with the local food ecosystem. Most people love Mercadona and Hacendado brand, in fact it is surprising to see how a brand that only exists in Spain is known by so many people abroad. Another curious thing is to see how they are acquiring, over time, a level of especialization as far as cold meat is concerned, they know very well what is Iberian cold meat and most of them know how to distinguish between Iberian acorn-fed  or Iberian cebo cold meat, ten years ago this was more than unimaginable.

Europeans not only appreciate Spanish food, they miss it when they come back home. Nowadays, cold meat or the paella are totally Europeanised products, you can find them in any local supermarket but there are others like La Casera to prepare a tinto de verano, or free-alcohol apple beer, or bonito del norte, or tuna belly that the only way to find them is in shops that work with Spanish suppliers as The Spanish Super does. 

As Spain is a holiday destination highly chosen by families there are also a lot of products that children miss when they come back home so they ask for them to their parents, Dinosaurus biscuits are probably the main reference, but also Chiquilín or milkshake Cacaolat.

It is certainly that to visit Spain is cool, not only to tourism as statistics show, but also to continue tasting its products during the rest of the year as increase in consumption of Spanish products shows throughout Europe. Online stores such as The Spanish Super, born to bring Spanish products to their compatriots abroad, see as month to month the ratio of European customers increases, Europe likes Spain and as could not be otherwise, The Spanish Super, too.

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