Back home for Christmas... or not

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Many Spaniards return home for Christmas, many others, for various reasons, do not and live with nostalgia these moments in different parts of the world.

According to statistics, there are already 2.48 million Spaniards living abroad. Many temporarily, some definitively having taken root in other countries, with local couples and children totally identified with the land where they were born, which is not Spain.

Spain is a country of deep traditions, as are other countries such as China and India. One of the aspects where this is most seen is that foreigners who come to Spain quickly adopt local customs that are attractive, such as tapas, football, music, paella and, of course, Christmas traditions. I would dare to bet that in any house in Spain, whatever its origin, there are nougat and "polvorones" at Christmas, and grapes on New Year's Eve, and cava and cider, and lamb or suckling pig (cochinillo) ... The traditions are curious and extensive and are mixed with our soul, it is difficult to separate what we are from our traditions.

When you emigrate abroad and maintain your roots in Spain, Christmas, New Year and the 3 Kings are always marked on the calendar. Surely many who are reading this will not forget the first year they spent Christmas living abroad, the emptiness they felt without being with their families, or perhaps simply without being with a significant part of their families. In those moments it becomes even more important that hard almond nougat, which by biting it reminds you how you cheated on your mother to take a piece more without her noticing it, or the soft one, which automatically betrayed you because it left your fingers full of grease, or the "polvorones", that wouldn't allow you to articulate a word for at least 2 minutes.

Food, smells, songs ... connect us with the past, with wonderful moments and maybe sad moments but that have shaped us as human beings, in one way or another they took us to that country where we live now, to that family that we are forming, those new friends that made us feel at home. Therefore, at this time, sites like The Spanish Super become a support, a mean to not lose that connection and that is why every order we send with nougat or "polvorones" or Saint's bones (huesos de santo) we know that it is not an simple order, is a piece of a family that said us "see you soon" when we left and whom we greatly miss.

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