Android app launch

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Now it will be even easier to buy in The Spanish Super with our brand new mobile application for Android, in a few clicks you can do the same as you did on the web without having to remember the link each time you visit our page.

From the beginning, The Spanish Super is born with a nostalgic vocation, reaching those who had to live abroad, with the best products in the best simple and easy way. We have been doing it with our website for almost a year, now you can also buy on our store with your mobile, first available on Google Play and very soon on the App Store.

You can access with the same account you have online or also with Facebook and Google+:

All the products that are on the web are also available on the app that is almost updated in real time with the information of the web, all we add on the web you will have it instantly on your mobile app:


If you want to know more about a product you will only have to click on it, it is also very easy to add products to the basket.


From the app you can pay in a similar way you do in the website and you will have automatic access to all your user profile information, to your previous orders which you can reorder or use as a base removing or adding products to make a new one. The great advantage is that you will not have to log in every time you sign in as your user will be recorded.

All this to make your life easier, we know that time is money and the less time you spend in making your Spanish purchase better.

Remember, the app is available on Google Play, click on Download to get it:



Note: Don´t  worry iPhone lovers, it will also be available very soon on the App Store.


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