A Big Thank You!!!

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We are about to celebrate our first Christmas and tears come into our eyes when we see all the good times of the last year.

And we are about to celebrate the first Christmas of The Spanish Super. It has been 10 very intense months since we launched our website. We have seen how our idea, our hope, as Spanish emigrants abroad, took shape and was gaining ground in the Spanish food online market in Europe. We have seen hundreds of you becoming customers and placing your first order, some of you your second order and many even a third, fourth, fifth ... In this time we have created our newsletter, an application for iOS and another for Android, we have made dozens of discounts, distributed vouchers and made temporary promotions. We have gone from having a handful of visits to thousands of monthly visits ... We can not say that it has not been hard because it has been, we can not say that there have been no mistakes and disappointments because there have been but thanks to people like you this dream, that was born in a garden in the United Kingdom with a whim of "fuet" and "horchata" has become a reality. This Christmas, when we sit down at the table to eat "turrón" and "peladillas" we will close our eyes and think about the hundreds of people who are doing the same throughout Europe thanks to The Spanish Super. That's why we wanted to thank you and wish you the best Christmas you can have either at home or in a remote country of old Europe.

Without you there would never be a The Spanish Super, THANK YOU !!!


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